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  • All insurances are considered invalid in the following cases: if you use the car to transport dangerous goods, smuggling or illegal passenger transport, if you provide the car to an unauthorized driver or to a driver who is under the influence of alcohol or opiate substances, driving out of the road, not allowed leaving the country, unauthorized car repairs. In case of damage or theft the person who hired the car must notify instantly Rent Transport Bulgaria and the competent authorities, otherwise, if he fails to provide an accident statement, all insurances will become void and the person who rented the car is liable for the full car value.
  • Insurance Civil Liability The rental price includes insurance Civil Liability according to the Bulgarian legislation.
Fees Fee Limited Liability in case of Damage or Theft Damage and Theft Fee are included in the rental price in case of damage or theft they reduce the liability of the person who hired the car to the following amounts for the separate car classes:
  • 700 EUR – Mini, Economy, Compact, Intermediate;
  • 300 EUR – Standard, Full Size.
Fee Elimination of Liability in Case of Damage and Fee Elimination of Liability in Case of Theft While the fee Limited Liability in Case of Damage is included in the price, the person who rents a car can accept also an additional fee that will eliminate his liability in case of damage or theft, as follows:
  • 10 EUR per day – Mini, Economy, Compact, Intermediate;
  • 15 EUR per day – Standard, SUV, Full Size.
The insurances and fees, accepted by the person who hires the car, don’t cover: damages or loss of wipers, antennas, signs, CD player/ panel, navigation system, mirrors, windows, broken by negligence, personal luggage, tires, tire rims, hubcaps theft, damages on the car suspension system, damages or losses of components of the car interior.

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Standard van

Ford Galaxy


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